Pieter-Jan Pauwels

Community-driven innovation manager

About Pieter-Jan Pauwels

Community coordinator and project lead at Open Knowledge Belgium by day. Open innovation enthusiast, code tinkerer and volunteer of VLCM, Mediaraven and Poppunt by night. Oh, and a dad 24/7.

For the past two year I've been setting up Open Knowledge projects to create more awareness around the subject, stimulate new collaborations between working groups and ultimately to open up new knowledge and create more transparency in our society.

An Interactive video series on open data for young people

Open Data is such an intangible and relatively new concept that there is low awareness amongst citizens in Flanders. Together with Mediaraven we wanted to create a online tool to teach the new generation everything there is to know about and do with Open Data. During this project I was the project lead and content provider.

An Open crowdsourcing template for local social innovation

NPO’s and citizen action groups need a way to crowdsource innovation projects. Crowdfunding is a good alternative financing model, but often dominated by tech projects offering rewards. W4P is an Open Crowdsourcing platform designed to host single innovation projects that are searching for funding (donations or rewards based), volunteers, coaching or materials. I’m the project and business lead.

Open Knowledge events:
Open Belgium & open Summer of code.

As part of being an independent NPO we host commercially funded events that promote open data use and open source. Open Belgium is a community-driven conference gathering stakeholders from government, research, industries and the community itself. open Summer of code on the other hand is a four week Open Source innovation camp for students with a technical, communication of business background. I’ve been the lead organiser of three Open Belgium editions and two #oSoc editions.